Ministries, EGS (External Gospel Support) & Kingdom Builders



At Church By the Bay we see all of our ministries as missional opportunities. Whether that be local mission on the Bellarine, or alongside our global mission partners. Our local mission areas, or ministries, include:


External Gospel Support is a committee that: Recommends (new mission partners), Raise (mission partner profiles) and Relate (with mission partners).

The selection criteria the EGS evaluates new mission partners with are:
1. Unreached people groups.
2. Proclaiming the Gospel
3. Wholistic (ie. church planting alongside community transformation).
4. Sustainable (as far as practicable, working towards becoming self-sustaining).

Current Mission Partners

Zukuka Bora is a project that works with 1,600 farmers across Mt Elgon Uganda,  to produce specialty coffee which is shipped around the world.

Zukuka Bora coffee was rated one of the top coffees in Uganda, going on to win an online auction last season.

Jenga’s vision is to see Zukuka Bora transform the Ugandan coffee industry, with farmers, usually the most vulnerable in the chain, reaping better benefits.

Thanks to the unprecedented high price of coffee, due to a production shortage in Brazil, Zukuka Bora has a huge opportunity for their vision to be further realised. This will benefit the 1600 farmers and flow into the estimated 7,500 people from the families of these farmers. .
With this huge opportunity comes a huge challenge. With large orders and high prices, finance is a challenge for Zukuka Bora . They passionately believe that their famers and employees should be paid cash in hand and not wait to be paid until they receive income from buyers months later. However without financial provision, they may have to reduce the orders that they are able to deliver this season and with it the opportunity to help their coffee farmers.

Jenga and Zukuka Bora sent out an email to their supporters requesting prayer for this. CBTB’s EGS team sent them an email to get further information about their request. However in consultation with the elders we believe this is something to be brought to CBTB for us to consider.

  • They need a short term loan of $60,000 for 6 months to help cash flow so they can take advantage in the increased demand.
  • We are asking the church family of CBTB to raise this loan monies. We’re looking at 6 people to give $10,000, 12 people to give $5,000 or 24 to give $2,500
  • While this is a loan and we anticipate a full return of monies, we cannot guarantee this.

Further information can be supplied with a:

If you’d like any of these please ask (or click the links provided above).

This is a time sensitive issue, so if you are interested in being a part of this could you indicate your interest straight away, with a final decision to be made by October 31st as to whether you’ll be a part of the loan and how much you would contribute.

In the meantime please contact Dave Rock 0407 871 684 or
Or have a look at the Jenga or Zukuka Bora Website.

Kingdom Builders

As a church we tithe our first fruits to the EGS. But you also have the opportunity to consider what God may be asking you to pledge towards these missions as a “Kingdom Builder”.

To make a pledge click here. We will then update the total pledged and details of givings on this page every few months.

To give your financial support towards Kingdom Builders, the banking details are:
Church By the Bay
BSB: 633 000
Account: 110 333 598
Please put “Kingdom Builder” as the description so we can allocate the funds appropriately.