What to expect at a worship service


Our worship is focussed on meeting with our Heavenly Father; we sing to Him, we pray and we listen. We share a time of Communion together, that most precious time of reflection and remembering His great love for us. There are also times for sharing and times of learning.

The structure of our services varies, but the key elements that we include most weeks are:

Worship – The worship team helps the body to connect each Sunday morning by leading our congregation in worship through song. We are incredibly blessed to have a healthy team of spirit filled believers serving in our worship team. Our worship leaders follow the Holy Spirit as they plan and prepare for the Sunday services and as a result, our worship times are always powerful and often leave ‘space’ for the spontaneous.

Sharing time – We have found it a blessing to stop and listen to the Holy Spirit during the service. Perhaps you will have something to share with the rest of the people gathered. Sharing is not restricted to ‘older or wise’ people; we find that our children often bring words for the church to hear.

Communion – we believe that this time should be shared by everyone who knows Jesus as their Saviour, so please collect the bread and juice as they pass, hold them, and we will take them together in unity.

Kid’s Church – Children may leave prior to the Sermon to attend Kid’s Church which is available from children aged 3 years old up to Grade 5.

Teaching – We are blessed to have some wonderful teachers. You might be challenged but join in the conversation! You can listen to our sermons online here for an insight into what you can expect.

Prayer – If you would like some prayer following the service, we have people available to pray with you. Please seek out the Pastors or Hosts.

Fellowship – Following your time of worship, please join us for morning tea in the foyer. We would love to get to know you more.