Our lungs do a vital job, there is no life without them. What we worship is what gets the best of who we are; our time, energy, thinking and finance.

As Christians the whole of our life is to be offered in worship but the bible makes it clear that coming together with others is a vital part of our worship.

We do this regularly on Sundays, but also have times of corporate prayer, as a church and with other churches on the Bellarine.

We meet together every Sunday morning  for a time of praise, prayer,  learning and spiritual refreshment.  During the week there are many opportunites to be part of Church By the Bay.

Creative Ministries

Music is one of the ways we can be transformed.  The music team at Church by the Bay exists to provide an opportunity for the congregation to praise and worship God.  The music team assists in creating an atmosphere allowing the Spirit of God to move, supporting the giving of the Word, and encouraging gifts of the Spirit.

Dance is regularly used in our worship time, and this group of enthusiastic young ladies present items from a wide range of musical and dance styles.

The purpose of the Prayer Ministry team is to provide an opportunity for people to come and receive love, assistance and prayer for any personal needs.  Our main focus is to bring healing and restoration to people spiritually, emotionally and physically. We simply ask God to use us as vessels to do his work trusting Him for the outcome.

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