Cluster and Branch Meetings


Cluster Church

Clusters are our groups of 2 to 12, who meet weekly. Please click here to read more about clusters, or to join a cluster group.

These groups are about friends, connecting, caring and calling each other to more of God.

Branch – the whole church.

The Branch is made up of the whole community of CBTB, celebrating, worshipping and resourcing the kingdom here and beyond.

The Branch gets together to celebrate, encourage and be built up. We do that as we worship together and are encouraged by God as we pray together, listen to what God is doing in our lives and consider what God says to us through the bible. Branch meetings will occur in the church building (adhering to covid restrictions) and also in the Portarlington Pier Park once a month during the summer months.

The Branch also helps to resource the whole church. Encouraging and training cluster leaders, resourcing our cluster groups with those gifted to teach, equip and encourage clusters. The branch will also provide the overall leadership, boundaries, training and support to grow healthy leaders. It supplies the legal frameworks – working with children checks, insurance coverage, policies and other things that enable the whole “branch” live out the Gospel well.