We know the heart is the centre of the cardio system.  It is the central place of our body, it is the pumping station, a place made up of smaller places that all function in unison.  Church By the Bay seeks to have smaller places where people can be supported and cared for, where they can know each other, and be known.  We seek to have smaller places in all of our ministries, so that we can know our gifts and talents, and they can be used most effectively.

Small Groups are a great way to get connected into church life, build friendships, learn from others’ journeys of faith, develop leadership skills and impact lives. Groups meet at different times of the week in Portarlington, Drysdale and Clifton Springs. They cater for adults and youth.

Prayer Triplets work in a similar way to a Small Group, with an emphasis on personal accountability and growth.  Triplets (or doublets, but never more that quadlets) allow more intimacy than a small group setting, and  have been effective in many people’s lives.

Boot Camp Men’s Ministry meet regularly for a meal, and to share with each other.  Our aim is to train Christian men and fathers to being good leaders in their homes, their workplaces, and the church.

WOW- Women of Worth is a chance for the women of the church to grow together in Christ.  Through many activities they provide an opportunity for friendship, laughter encouragement and fun.

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