Four Missions


The Four missions, is where we send but do not go.

These missions include:

Bushikori Christian Center, Mbale, Uganda, Africa

It is run by Anne Wandendeya, wife of the late Pastor Sam Wandendeya and employs more than 30 Ugandan staff.There is an outpatients clinic, small hospital, midwife unit, and the Joshua Primary School within it’s compound grounds.  Bushikori, in conjunction with the Australian Support Committee, has over 400 children sponsored in the greater Mbale area.

Operation Uganda, Kampala, Uganda, Africa

On the 7th August 2004, the Barton family lost all their possessions when their house was destroyed by fire, from the ashes of despair rose the hope to make a difference in the world, after losing everything the family was convinced more than ever that the most important things in life weren’t things but more importantly they are people, so this ordinary Australian family who was determined not to just sit back and listen to statistics and watch news headlines about the injustices around the planet, they sold all there belongings and packed there suitcase’s.

Free To Be Kids, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa

FreeToBeKids is a not-for-profit humanitarian aid organisation that is working to rescue, shelter and set free children who are facing extreme situations of abuse and exploitation. FreeToBeKids was founded in 2005 by Benj Geerling after he was moved to do something to rescue a young girl who was offered for a few dollars on the streets of India. FreeToBeKids has a small team in Melbourne, Australia, and is currently working in India and the DR Congo.

Short Family, Niger, Africa

Brendan and his wife, and three children help the Bedouin people, they live amongst them, in tents. Brendan was a missionary kids growing up to the same area, his passion has not diminished but grown stronger. Following a promise made when he was eight years old, the family has now returned to Niger and is sharing the Gospel message with the nomadic tribes.  Working under harsh and sometimes hostile conditions, the family is building links into the community and has found favour with the tribal leaders.

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