Community Care Team

To contact the Community Care Team click here.

The rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus outbreak is already having a significant effect on people’s normal way of life: employment, schooling, social interactions, household management, finances, travel, to name just a few aspects.

Church By the Bay has always been about growing in and living out it’s faith in the sovereignty, sufficiency and calling of Christ – all in the context of who we are in Christ, a Family.  And that family dynamic extends to include our love and care toward each other, the wider community, and this great nation and world we are blessed to be part of.

The Family IS under stress at this time, and each day is bringing new challenges.  This is why we have established a ‘Community Care Team’ to specifically assist you in meeting the basic requirements of food provision, shelter, health and Family connection during this difficult time.

We have established 3 teams that will seek to meet differing needs as they arise:

Essential Support – To manage food donations, food preparation as required, accommodation needs, limited and considered financial relief.

Relational Support – To provide a variety of contact options to keep the Family connected to each other (e.g. phone contact check-ins, video conferencing, small group promotion). To refer to appropriate counselling expertise when required, or other spiritual, mental and emotional supports as required and desired.

Practical Support – To assist with grocery shopping, pharmacy runs, etc.  And to source/resource other essential practical helps, e.g. electrician, plumber, handyman, etc.

If a need should arise in any of these three areas, please click here to be taken to an online form to fill out. It will go straight to our CommCare Team Leader, Richard Duffield, who will attend to your request.