May 032012

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Dear church family,

We are very excited to start this next nine week series on family. Families are vital to our church with people who are just taking their first steps with some help and people who have taken many steps and now need help. Talking about families from the pulpit is ultimately useless unless it goes back with you to your family. It is no good talking about the love of a family unless our families start to love. It is no good talking about families doing mission if we don’t end up doing mission.

This series hopes to move the emphasis from the ‘House of God’ to your house for God. We have put together this book to help you talk and discuss these topics as a family, whether your biological family over the dinner table or your theological family over a coffee table. We would like you to ask some questions throughout the week and then discuss it as a family. This might be “What do you think this bible verse says about our family?”, “What do you get out of this quote?”, or the discussion questions provided in this booklet. These discussions can be spread out during the week.

We, would love to see all our families in the big family step up and do three things: Read- Discuss- Pray.

Bless you,

The Elders- Pastor Dave, Pastor Craig, Pastor Mass, Greg and Richard.

Sunday mornings at 10am

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